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Message from Mother
A new year begins. We have just ended the wonderful and, hopefully wonder-filled holy season of Advent and Christmas. Now, we're back to the "normal" routine of daily living. Is it Ugh and Yay for you? Hopefully the latter. It's a new beginning, a chance to start over fresh! God is so good that He gives us these opportunities to begin again. (For sure, we experience that in the Sacrament of Reconciliation and Penance.) Our prayer for you now is that you try not to think of being at the starting gate, ready to run. Now is a slow time, an "in-between" time. Our Good God has provided us with another opportunity to tarry at the yield sign a bit longer and start again slowly. When we're racing at high speed, Our Lord and HIs signs of love, beauty, mercy and goodness are totally missed. He's nowhere on our radar. He's in the silence but we have to stop and take the time to listen to His loving whispers. He gives us this time each year to do just that. He loves us madly and would like to have a little bit of our attention. (Actually, He'd like to have most of our attention, if not all.) So - this is it. NOW. Don't let this opportunity pass to say Hi to Him and to tell Him how much you love Him. That's our prayer for you - now. A blessed New Year to all!
From the Novitiate
New Year Blessing 
A Passionist Poem 
As the Season draws to its close, 
We remember not Rudolph's nose 
Nor the sound of "Jingle Bells" 
Nor the toys the store sells. 
Frosty has become a puddle 
And the world is not so subtle 
As candy and hearts seem to say: 
"Now on to the next holiday!" 
Trees and lights have come down fast 
Yet we shall not just hurry past 
But shall draw near to the manger-wood 
and recall that of the Firday-Good 
For the Babe just born for you and I 
Upon the Cross will suffer and die 
for without the Death of Mary's little Son, 
our freedom, our Glory would not've been won 
As Passionist Nuns, we are oft to say 
No matter what the Holy-Day 
"May the Passion of Christ, Whom the Angels Adore 
Be sealed in your heart, now and forevermore."