May the Passion of Jesus Christ be Always in our Hearts
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Message from Mother
Hopefully all of us are hunkered down into the waiting period of Advent. It is almost impossible to avoid the "Christmas rush" but we in the monastery try our utmost to stay focused on the "reason for the season". Our Lady patiently waited for her Divine Son to be born. It was HIS great desire also to be with us - and He, too, patiently waited. St. Paul of the Cross prayed that Our Lord would "celebrate Christmas mystically in the hearts" of Mother Mary Crucified and her Sisters so that they "may be reborn in the Divine Humanized Word (Jesus) to a new life, totally God-like and holy." Union with the Infant God was so important to our Holy Founder - and he prayed that it would happen for all of his sons and daughters in the Passionist Congregation. Now WE pray that you also be so gifted with that Divine Love at Christmas. His blessings upon you all!
From the Novitiate
A Passionist Poem 
Within Cloistered Walls, in Hallowed Halls, 
Pervaded by Silence Sweet, 
Can be heard the Rustle Soft of Habits aloft 
Above Be-Sandaled Feet. 
Rosaries jingle Sweetly, Swinging so Neatly 
From the Belt of Each and all, 
And the Veils of Black flow down the Back 
The same, no matter How Tall 
With a nod and smile as we pass Single File 
Many times throughout the Day 
Prayer in each heart sets us Apart 
And unites us in a Way 
For though we are from near and far 
we are Sisters all the same 
Our hearts are one as we love the Son 
For t'was He who called each by name 
Ever to Stand with heart in Hand 
with the Church, His Bride 
And so we remain ever the same 
Doves of the Crucified!