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Message from Mother
August? Assumption! The double "A's". Our Lady's Assumption into heaven charts our own course into eternity. She (with her Divine Son) has gone before us and now summons us on to our everlasting Home! She was faithful to God her entire life, even with and in spite of the suffering that she had to endure throughout. We suffer, too - and as a gift from her Son, we have her as our Mother, who is able to relate to our pains and trials. She consoles and strengthens us, encourages and soothes us, guide and defends us, prays for us and welcomes us Home. She is our Mother in Heaven. Love her and depend on her to intercede for us to her Son. That is her greatest consolation and joy as she waits for our return to her. 
               Our Mother and Queen, assumed into Heaven, pray for us! 

From the Novitiate
Mary Sleeps 
With Her Last Life's-Breath 
She sleeps in death 
and on Earth no tears are shed 
Mary's sleeping 
is not time for weeping 
we sing Hymns of praise instead 
Dear sweet Mary 
did not tarry 
for long in an earthen grave 
She was raised aloft 
on clouds so soft 
be Her Son Who died to Save 
When Mary slept 
the Apostles leapt 
their hearts with gladness ring 
From the Earth asleep 
on High She'd leap 
and with Joy make the Heavens ring 
When our death looms nigh 
at our last sigh 
and we must exit this earthly stage 
Then let us adore 
what waits in store 
for us at the end of the age 
When death we embrace 
tears, do not waste 
for someday we shall raise 
and whence Mary went 
we too shall be sent: 
Our Heavenly Home in the skies!