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Message from Mother
Our Resident Poet has graced us with a verse that reminds of the reason for this holy season - Christ, our Lord and Savior. Let this time of Advent slow you down and bring quiet to your mind and soul. It's a waiting time. The best and most beautiful things grow slowly and arrive when ready. We wait in patience, in hope and expectation. Silence is the watchword. A tough thing at this time of year . The senses are relentlessly bombarded and inevitably overcome by noise and flashing lights! Let silence draw you away AND draw you closer to that Special Day when that Special One is born in your heart. All the Sisters keep you in prayer the whole year round. We hope that your Christmas Day is truly peaceful and filled with the love of the Holy Family!
From the Novitiate
Christmas 2018 
The flakes of white in winter seen 
fall so soft in silence supreme 
all is hush there is no sound 
to break the peace that doth abound 
nary a bird wings thru the sky 
or sings out its song or lets loose its cry 
yes, all is quiet all is still 
in time of cold and frost and chill 
yet in the silence in winter's hush 
there is a music beautifully lush 
not to be heard with bodily ears 
nor by those tightly wound by fears 
but still the soul quiet the mind 
open the heart and one may find 
the sound in the silence oh so deep 
of choirs of angels singing Jesus to sleep. 
Peace on Earth to all men of good will 
may you rest in that silence so soft and so still 
and as your heart basks in that Starlight 
sing to your Savior born this night.