May the Passion of Jesus Christ be Always in our Hearts
Passionist Nuns of Saint Louis
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Message from Mother
On October 20th, we will celebrate the Solemnity of the Holy Founder of the Passionists, St. Paul of the Cross! In 1735, he wrote in a letter to Francis Appiani (who was then 16 years old): "Live for now all transformed in God. Never leave off holy prayer and the reading of holy books and (remember) the presence of God (within you) at your work. Be happy that God is purifying you as gold in the furnace by means of temptations that He permits. Persevere...for God will make you holy". This is extremely sound advice to ALL of us, no matter our age nor vocation and current state-in-life. Our focus on God and His Holy Will should always be #1 in our lives. Following Paul's advice above won't hurt any of us and will bring us so much closer to Good God.
From the Novitiate
This month of October is Respect Life Month. To ponder the extreme importance of every human life, we got out the wonderful book Theology for Beginners by Frank Sheed. He says to imagine a figure 8. in one of those "o"s write matter and man and in the other "o" write spirit and man. Only MAN can be both matter and spirit. God raised up matter to become man but spirit apparently did not need any exalting! In addition Man is also unique in that he has a soul. Angels who are spirits do not have souls! (note: soul and spirit are two different things) So it's no wonder to us that the fallen angels, out of intense envy and hatred, will do everything they possibly can to destroy MAN - his body, his spirit and his immortal soul. Amen. Pondering these truths help us to respect the dignity and worth of EVERY human life, from womb to tomb!