May the Passion of Jesus Christ be Always in our Hearts
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Message from Mother
November brings us to Autumn and beautiful colors on the trees. I'm looking out the window now and see yellow and red leaves galore on the maple trees just a few yards away. 

November also focuses us on the Holy Souls in Purgatory. We can easily think of our own family members who have died - recently or years ago. We not only remember them, but most of all, we pray for them. If they still need that final purification before heaven, we intercede for them, that their time will swiftly come to an end. This is a tremendous act of charity to our loved ones - AND to those whom we have never met! It's something, really, that we should do all year round - even daily. They will be eternally grateful to us - and in gratitude, they will pray for us when WE pass away. 

And, of course, November is THE month of gratitude. Thanksgiving reminds us of our many and marvelous blessings. - daily received, even if we are not aware of them all. Gratefulness is so important in our relationships with one another and, especially, with God. To cultivate a spirit of gratitude gets us out of ourselves and helps each one of us to acknowledge that we are not the only one on the earth. Truthfully, sinful as we are, we are entitled to absolutely nothing. Everything we have and are is a pure, loving gift from our Good God. We give thanks to Him for YOUR friendship to us and , in gratitude, WE pray for you every day. God bless you! Happy Thanksgiving! 

From the Novitiate
..."every Catholic is closed to us by the union he and we have with Christ than is any member of our family by natural treat another Catholic with cruelty or injustice is plainly to act as if the Mystical Body did not exist..." 

 -from Theology for Beginners, Sheed