May the Passion of Jesus Christ be Always in our Hearts
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Message from Mother
July is the month when we Passionists remember in a special way the Precious Blood of Jesus. Sr. Isidora Maria has given us a beautiful poem that expresses our dying Lord's love for each of us in the outpouring of His Blood. The torrent was profuse but the love that caused it was greater - to an infinite degree. Let us not be oblivious to it! Let us reciprocate daily in whatever we can. It will show, in our actions and not just our words, just how much we really do love our Crucified Savior.
From the Novitiate
Special Announcement for Vocations
For women who are discerning a vocation to the life of a contemplative nun, you may be interested to know that the Passionist Nuns in Erlanger, Kentucky, (just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati) are hosting a vocation discernment day at their monastery on Saturday, August 11, 2018, If you're in the vicinity and feel the Lord is calling you to possibly become a contemplative nun, you may want to consider spending a few hours with our Sisters there to see how they live and love our Crucified God.
" covers a multitude of sins.." -see 1 Peter 4:8
Bleeding Heart 
He feels the warmth seeping, 
cooling as it drips 
as He tries to speak 
through His cracked, dry-parched lips 
"Eloi! Eloi!" 
His voice rings out clear, 
" Lema sabachthani!" 
Loud enough for all to hear 
"My God!, My God!" 
so the translation goes, 
His Heart , It breaks 
The words His agony shows 
Body beaten, bruised, bloody 
His limbs nailed to a tree 
His Blood gushed forth in torrents 
to set all mankind free 
O how can we repay Him 
for all the Blood He shed 
When we let ourselves each day 
be further from Him led? 
Like those weary travelers 
so many years ago 
we all have too much business 
and many a place to go. 
Let us not be like them 
who looked, but did not see 
Him Whose Blood was poured out 
for sinners like you and me 
Let us stay a while  
B'neath His pierced side 
and let that Torrent flow o'er us 
to be cleansed by Its Blood-red Tide