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Message from Mother
As I write we are in the midst of the Septenary (Sept. 8 thru Sept. 14) honoring Our Sorrowful Mother, whose feast is on Sept. 15th. I was reflecting on Sister's poem below and felt that she captured the sentiment of sinful human flesh - that is also filled with love for Our Lady. With arms extended in the form of the cross, we pray Our Father and Hail Mary seven times. Yes, it IS penitential but it is a wonderful aid to help us grasp in a minute way just how much She suffered, standing at the foot of her Son's Cross. What sorrow! What heart-pain for her! Mothers, can you imagine yourselves on Calvary watching your own child die such a horrifying death? It may give you the tiniest idea of what our sinless Mother felt! The scene helps us remember the enormous love that motivated Her YES to all of that suffering - love not only for her Son but ALSO for us, Her sinful children. She stands erect, looks at us and points to Love, dying on the Cross. This is our holy Mother, our beautiful Mother, our loving Mother, who leads us continually to her Divine Son, Jesus. Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us!
From the Novitiate
Seven days of Penance 
Seven days of Prayer 
This little that I offer 
seems like more than I can bear 
In Honor of His Mother 
as beneath the Cross She stands 
I kneel with arms outstretched  
as if the Nails were in my hands 
Seven times: "Our Father" 
Seven times: "Hail Full-of-Grace" 
As thoughts of Mary's Sorrow 
makes tears roll down my face 
Oh Dear Sweet Mary 
what pain you must've felt 
As that Sword of sorrow 
was thrust unto the hilt 
All that I have to offer 
now seems like so much sand 
how I wish there were more 
that I could place into His hand! 
Seven days of Penance 
Seven days of Prayer 
This little that I suffer 
is it all that I can bear?