May the Passion of Jesus Christ be Always in our Hearts
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Message from Mother
As I begin this missive, it is February 2nd, the Presentation of Our Lord in the Temple. In 1997, Pope St. John Paul II established that date as World Day for Consecrated Life. He said the purpose is "to help the entire Church to esteem ever more greatly the witness of those persons who have chosen to follow Christ by means of the practice of the evangelical counsels" (translated: the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience). This day has become a propitious time for consecrated men and women to renew their vows and promises, their offering of their lives to the Lord, just as Mary and Joseph went to the Temple in Jerusalem and offered to God, their Divine Son, Jesus. Please join us here in praying for all in religious Orders, Congregations, Societies, and for ALL who have vowed themselves to Jesus: for continued fidelity, growth in zeal for the Church and love for God and for on-going conversion. 

Lent soon begins - on February 14th. The Sisters here pray that you may be filled with the desire to grow in love for Jesus Crucified - and Risen. (That's the great news never to forget.) Keep His suffering always in your heart - as well as the sorrows of His Mother, who endured it all with Him. He did it all for you - AND, she did, too. That's how much they love you! THEN, let your hearts be filled with resurrection joy and love for our Good God! Peace! 

From the Novitiate
New Year Blessing 
A Passionist Poem 
As the Season draws to its close, 
We remember not Rudolph's nose 
Nor the sound of "Jingle Bells" 
Nor the toys the store sells. 
Frosty has become a puddle 
And the world is not so subtle 
As candy and hearts seem to say: 
"Now on to the next holiday!" 
Trees and lights have come down fast 
Yet we shall not just hurry past 
But shall draw near to the manger-wood 
and recall that of the Firday-Good 
For the Babe just born for you and I 
Upon the Cross will suffer and die 
for without the Death of Mary's little Son, 
our freedom, our Glory would not've been won 
As Passionist Nuns, we are oft to say 
No matter what the Holy-Day 
"May the Passion of Christ, Whom the Angels Adore 
Be sealed in your heart, now and forevermore."