May the Passion of Jesus Christ be Always in our Hearts
Passionist Nuns of Saint Louis
15700 Clayton Road 
Ellisville, MO 63011-2300
Phone: 636-527-6867 
Life of a Passionist Nun a few pictures.
Time in the recreation room.
When all is ideal, the day begins at 2:00am with the chanting of the first part of the Divine Office followed by silent prayer in the Choir(the Nuns' part of the Chapel). This is a peaceful quiet time in order to enter into union with God-face to face with Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. After returning to their rooms at about 3:00am, the Passionists rise again at 5:45 for Morning Prayer of the Divine Office followed by Holy Mass, thanksgiving, Mid-Morning Prayer of the Office and breakfast. 

The Nuns go to their respective duties and during the course of the morning, they pray the Stations of the Cross in private and a time of spiritual reading is kept. The noon meal, Mid-day Prayer, recreation and free time for rest or silent activities follow. Mid-afternoon Prayer is next when we especially pray for you("...those who ask our prayers..."), communal visit prayers to the Blessed Sacrament and spiritual reading precede the Nuns' return to work. A bell calls the Sisters to the Presence of the Lord for Office of Evening Prayer and one hour of silent prayer in Choir. The evening meal is at 6:30pm, followed by another recreation period. At 8:00pm, there is final visit to Choir for Rosary and the Night Prayer of the Divine Office and then the Nuns retire. 

Making hosts.