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From the Novitiate

Finally Home
by Sister Isidora Maria(Novice)

Whenever I was distraught as a child, I always wanted to "go home."  It didn't matter whether I was with my mom or my dad, nowhere ever felt right.  That same sense of "homelessness" pervaded my spiritual journey as well. I'd made the rounds of various Protestant and secular religions and had darkened the door of many a church, but never felt a sense of true belonging.  For a time I wandered, avoiding religion altogether until, through the intercession of our Blessed Mother and a wonderful group of friends, I found the Church. When I was still in RCIA in 2009, I felt God pulling me towards something more, calling me to a deeper relationship with Him and began praying in earnest for my vocation.

Four and a half years later, after a few rough patches, I was still praying.  I filled out a Vision Vocation Quest survey and sent it to the (hundred or so) communities that matched.  Every day, I prayerfully awated the mail, and soon had amassed a large collection of information from religious communities.  Each packet left me a little more disapppointed- none seemed to speak to my heart.  That is, until that fateful day when I received a little booklet entitled "Give Him Everything" from the Passionist Nuns of Ellisville, MO.  Seeing the beautiful face of Christ Crucified which graced the cover, I felt immediately drawn to the cummunity.  Chills ran the length of my spine as I read about their special charism- "Love of Christ Crucified".  I felt as if I knew these women, that we shared a bond, a kind of kinship in our love of the Passion.  Just as I was finishing up the section on the making of altar breads, my phone rang; nearly causing me to jump out of my was "Sister Mary Elizabeth of the Passionist nuns"!  I was floored, here I am reading about them, and they call me!!  After quite a few phone conversations and several letters, I asked if I could spend a week visiting the monastery.

(Fast-forward a few months) I arrived for my visit in mid-August, rang the doorbell and was quickly ushered inside.  The moment I crossed the threshold, I knew I was home, such peace and joy permeated the monastery and the silence and solitude was incredible.  I spent the entire week praying: "Lord, if it is Your Will, I know they will accept me, but if they don't, I will humbly submit and leave, but Jesus, I want to be here!"  Well...they said, YES!!!  I went back to Georgia to make preparations, and after nine long months, on May 6th, my 27th birthday, I entered the monastery.  I guess you could say that I finally made it Home.