May the Passion of Jesus Christ be Always in our Hearts
Passionist Nuns of Saint Louis
15700 Clayton Road 
Ellisville, MO 63011-2300
Phone: 636-527-6867 
Called Twice-Over
Sr. Mary Salvador, C.P.

"I know what I'm going to be when I get big," I stated, coming home from my first day in school! "I'm going to be a teacher!" In those years, to be a teacher in a Catholic school automatically meant you were a Sister, soooo! Being from a family and culture that delighted in gatherings, parties, parades, and fun, there was no lack of a social life. There were contacts with Sisters and Priests which nurtured my vocation but never forced the issue. By the time of the 8th grade Retreat, my decision was firm and I made preliminary inquiries prior to telling my parents! Then, on Mother's Day, no less, I casually asked my parents: "What do you think of a girl entering the Convent after 8th grade?" Needless to say, a long conversation ensued, accompanied by tears. In the end the answer was: "If this will make you happy...!" That August I entered the convent, over 900 miles away from home and began my long and beautiful journey toward becoming a bride of Christ! 
Following years of study and proceeding through the various steps of a grace-filled time of Religious formation and Profession of Vows, I began wonderful years of teaching. Nourished by an ever growing desire for deeper prayer along with a call to a life "hidden with Christ in God, the vocation to the cloistered, contemplative life flourished, even between basketball games of my 8th grade boys, cheerleading tryouts for the girls, faculty meetings, lesson plans, teacher seminars, C.C.D. classes, summer sessions in the country teaching Religion or CYO in the Chicago Projects, etc. A Thirty-day Retreat and a period of time in a House of Prayer of the Community deepened my call. 
With my spiritual director's permission, given on a day in early January, I returned to the convent where I was stationed and that weekend found a copy of the magazine, Catholic Grade School Teacher. Paging through I found a small ad for the Passionist Nuns of Ellisville, MO entitled: Do You Hear a Different Drummer? I did! Within the next week I met with both my Provincial Supervisor and Mother General who " happened" to be in the States at the time! They, realizing my success in and love for teaching and my real love for the Congregation, knew, as I did, I was not running away from anything, but running toward, with greater intensity, to The Love of my life, "Jesus Christ and Him Crucified!" I received their blessing and encouragement to proceed! 
In February I made a weekend visit to Ellisville, knew this was what God was calling me to, was accepted, and made arrangements to enter in August. Final good-byes to my Community and to my family were moments of grace and I entered the Passionist Enclosure on August 6th, Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord, during the week of the Becentennial National Eucharistic Congress. Looking back upon those days I see how providential it was, for the Transfiguration was the moment of glory for Jesus before His Hour of the Passion and the Gift of the Eucharist. As a Passionist Bride of Jesus Crucified, I am vowed to gratefully remember that profound Mystery of the Father's Love, poured out in Jesus Christ! In that remembrance, I am called to LIVE and spread that love to my Sisters in Community and to all I meet in the depths of prayer! In those depths, my Vow of Enclosure expands beyond all human endeavors and bounds, carrying with it the infinite treasures of Divine Love and Mercy!