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Message from Mother
Praised be Jesus Christ now and forever! Hopefully, the big thing on our minds, as we proceed through Lent, is not so much the penance we are "having to endure" but the sole reason for it all - LOVE. Notice that I put the word love in caps. It's deliberate, because God is Love and it is for Him that we are doing what we're doing during these 40 days. Remembering how much Jesus loved us (to the point of dying for you and me) and wanting to unite ourselves as closely as possible to Him, is the motivation for our enduring a bit of inconvenience and maybe even suffering. All we need do is look at the crucifix and see LOVE telling us how much He loves US. You might almost say that Jesus Crucified is the "reason for the season." So, love LOVE, thank LOVE, adore LOVE - and praise LOVE for rising from the dead! He, the Master, has gone before us - and as His disciples , we gratefully follow. Good Friday is coming - but so is Easter Sunday!! 

Good News! We are happy to announce that Sister Isidora Maria will be making her First Profession of Vows on May 3, 2018. The Passionist Nuns make 5 vows - the first being to Promote Devotion to and Grateful Remembrance of the Passion and Death of Our Lord. The traditional 3 vows of Chastity, Poverty, and Obedience follow. Then she vows Enclosure - to live the cloistered life of a Passionist Nun. She will make those vows for 1 year and will renew them yearly on May 3rd for 6 years. At the end of her time in "temporary vows", she will then make her vows perpetually - forever. So , the next step in that process is coming up in May. She is happy and we are happy! Please keep her and our Community in your prayers during this time of preparation for her espousal to the Lord. God Bless you! 

From the Novitiate
With violet sashes and palm frond ashes 
we know that Lent has arrived 
That time of fasting can seem long lasting 
as we dine on fish that's fried. 
Yes, truth be told, it can get old 
and forty days seem like a long time 
But it's not all bad, there's more to be had 
than just the Ash Wednesday line 
As the end looks so far, how tempted we are 
to rush on past that Friday-Good 
But it would be our loss, to ignore the Cross 
and despise its blood-stained wood. 
For, with penance and prayer, we become more aware 
of how much we owe our Lord- 
It t'was for us that He died, was mocked, scourged, crucified 
and His Mother's Heart pierced by the Sword.